Turn Around- Camille

Turn around, I’m right behind you
Turn around, I’ll turn around too
Turn around, so we can hold hands

Turn around, it’s lighter, flatter
Turn around, hot peas and butter
Turn around, I’m flowing in the grass

Straight, how can you be so straight?
Life’s everything but straight
It’s going up and down

Far, happiness isn’t far
Not far from where you are
Watching your life go by

Now, why don’t you sing out loud
To the tune you keep inside?

Turn around around the circle
Turn around just like duetto
Turn around and listen to the wind

Turn around and put your pen down
Turn around, your feet off the ground
Turn around, and your head in the clouds

Shy, how can you be so shy
Hiding below the stars
Under your neon light?

Hi, don’t say hello, say hi
Hi to a higher sky
Hi to a higher ground


Gara-gara nonton film the little prince semalam terus masih belum move on dari lagu ini, jadi deh dicopiin liriknya disini.apa banget ya.hehe. But the song is quiet good, you should try to listen.Ada satu lagi versi perancisnya penyanyinya sama, tapi terjemahannya beda ternyata. Habis nonton jadi mau baca lagi bukunya.




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