Random Saturday Thought

Been six days since I accomplished my superbly impulsive goal of running 42.195 km (pictures at my instagram page, story, as always, later). And here I am spending two very free day of weekend without any urgency to wake up early morning to do that torturing long run session anymore, no plan to meet up with friends, and no wedding reception invitations as well. My weekdays was also feel longer for I shouldn’t do hard exercises in a week after running 42.195 km. So much of free time I even able to finish watching one full season of Korean drama in a week. Well, I actually plan to finish some books and perhaps write stuff but then office assignments this week were really take lot of my brain capacity I cannot use it anymore after 5 p.m, even to read let alone writing. Watching Korean drama is sure easier.

But for today is off-day, I have much more free time in hand. And as usual, when I have nothing to pursue or accomplished, bunch of thoughts drowning into my head.

Yesterday at dinner I have this talk with my friend about life planning. It was just a chit chat but then it suddenly pop up again in my mind. Doing a bit self-analysis, I know well that I am a very goal-oriented kind of person. I easily get obsessed with my goal. Once I committed to a goal, normally I will try to make a plan and find some effective strategies to apply to that plan to ensure that my plan work as I hope it would be. Some of them succeed, others failed. It’s life. But doing further analysis today, I realize that all those succeed goals only kind of short term goals. Typically few months plan. One year top, on-off modes along it. Well, I finished my college, its 4 and a half frustrating years, but everybody did it as well. I am talking about self-initiate goal. That silly marathon, for example. Made a goal, built a plan, work it on, accomplished, and satisfied. That’s my typical short cycle. But when it comes to long-period plan, I messed up. Most of the time, I lost path in the middle of my way due to many excuses. Sometimes I able to find my way back to the path and finished that plan, but barely by my full self-awareness, sometimes I just left it behind. Many times I more like in auto pilot mode instead of walking through my plan, I guess I used that que sera-sera mantra in a wrong way.

Now I am thinking again about yesterday conversation about life planning, I think that I really need to learn harder to enhance my ability to hold into long-period plans and find some strategies to make it work. For when we talk about life, it’s not like planning 1 or 2 year project. It’s 0 to 100-something years of our ages that we have to plan. And when we talk as a moslem, the plans even have to be extended to the after-life goals.

And it’s not an easy task. But we could observe our surrounding, kind of state happen to those who successfully doing it, and the opposite condition of others that failed. You probably have choose kind of state we want to be 5, 10, or 20 years by now, but it’s not enough. You have to build a plan, and then you have to walking through it, stick to it. Find a way to stick to it. Surely not an easy task. But we have to do it, eh?

Oh dear, what a heavy thought for Saturday. I better going swimming.


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