Langit Lapis Legit


Still from last week moment. While I was waiting for the sun to go up, a man behind me have a chit chat with his friend “Kalo yang kayak gini mah liat di belakang rumah juga bisa”. I suffocated. For me every sunrise moment is different. Even after I watched it for million times at the same place, at the very time, it’s still felt new. Whenever I get a chance to have it at such a marvelous place, I count it as a grace.
It just remind me that we just a very tiny dot in this universe. How would we able to go through each day without His generosity. But, not everyone thinks that mother nature’s kind act worth their seconds.Anyway this kind of morning sky also remind me of lapis legit.

2 thoughts on “Langit Lapis Legit

  1. Guuus ngeddhh fotonya ini sih..
    Dan emang sih, ada hal-hal yang biarpun tiap hari dilihat juga tetep indah. Gw tiap hari seneng banget liat langit senja.. entah kenapa.. dan tetep aja sering ngefoto meskipun ya kalo dipikir gitu-gitu aja.. rasanya tetep ada yang beda aja :))

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