Marathon Craziness

Eventhough I already made running as my routine for this past three years and I see Marathon as kind of cool thing to do, I still thought that Marathon is improbable for me, until august last year when I saw a post in my facebook page from my friend, who just completed her first marathon trial. Here what hit me that time : she was already 40 something, she got three kids, and just recovered from ankle injury, and she made it!  So impulsive part of me happily took control at the time : I should be able to do it as well. And suddenly I found myself googling Marathon Training Plan. And here I am now, in my journey to my first full marathon. I checked one milestone last march, when I completed my first half marathon. And it really was great. You know that feeling, when you do something for the first time. And I already made it half way, so I thought, why not finish it? So yes, I registered my self into a marathon event for this october, full marathon class.

And then, here comes the problem. You know, that type A blood person easily get obsessed with goal and very hard to let go? Whether that theory true or not, that is the case for me that apply to this Marathon stuff as well. And dear, I found out late that Marathon training nearly improbable if not imposible! I start to get sick of this training, drown with thought that probably I won’t be able to get into that finish line, and I injured my body many time, and I simply can not quit.  I know my impulsivity going to kill me someday and it’s all for one time self proud moment. Oh my self.

So Yes, I am gonna finish it. I will (Insha-Allah). Two month to go and I am free. By now, I don’t think to continue this marathon craziness, but I can not tell what will happen once I step on that finish line. My impulsivity usually easily take control when I am high.

Anyway, do you know that using comfortable clothes is very very very important when doing high impact exercises like long run? I didn’t realize it before. Until I found many scratch in my body after long run session. First scar I experienced because I used wrong bra, one with wire. After long time, the compression it give will start to wound your skin. And blisters especially at your thin skin really do mean, its bite each time you watering it. Next blisters when I used over-sized pants. I used belt to hold it, and it still have large space in the thigh area and the pant material was a bit grainy. I got two area wounded that time, at my thigh because of the friction between my thigh skin and the material , and my back waist because of the suppression of the belt. Next common case is blisters between toe caused by poor choice of socks. So now I know, comfortable sport clothes are really important.

Well, I don’t told much about this marathon training in my public space. It is personal goal and I don’t think it will affect world and another life in any way so I try to keep it personal. But the training just become tougher lately, and I need some stress releaser and what is better than writing? And perhaps I could get some supports from you, my friend, who by any chance stop by and read this sos message. I promise any kind will help me refuel and finish this craziness. Even the simple one like your pray. But sport bra, or compression clothing, or a pair of new model running shoes will be much better. Khekhekhe.

~Selagi menunggu perbaikan.proofreadingnya kapan-kapan lah yaa


7 thoughts on “Marathon Craziness

    1. dan karena gampang tertarik sama berbagai hal jadi memiliki sangat banyak hobi ya mbak,wkwkwk.

      Makasi mbak may.aku minggu depan insyaallah mau bromo marathon, yg half.Grogi yg bulan depan euy, full marathon di jakarta.panasnya itu lohhh

      kalo bisi mbak ke jakarta aku nitip dong mbak beliin baju dan celana :D. disini ga ada baju quick dry yg lengan panjang juga euy

      1. iya betul, untung aku ga bisa naik sepeda, kalau ngga bisa – bisa nambah lagi hobby sepedaan

        palingan dititip temen yang mau ke Indo nih Maul, pas Idul Adha kayanya ada

        oh ngga bisa nih, ada temen mau ikut Bromo Marathon juga, mau ? aku bisa beliin sabtu ini, mudah-mudahan masih diskon

      2. mau mbak mauu. itu modelnya celana panjang atau pendek ya?
        Oh ya, sama kemarin temenku beli di selangor nike quick dry lengan panjang, 70rm-an juga. kalo mbak liat quick dry yang lengan panjang mau dong mbak e diliatin harganya, kalo cocok aku juga mau sekalian.hehehe
        *nitip niat :))

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