I do realize that lately my photos color preference become more consistent into this somehow dark-but-not-too-dark tone. Some times I tried to explore another tones, but still, the mood of the final result felt the same. And then, this morning an article about color theory pop up in my reader page. This article lead me to this wikipedia page about tints and shades.

To resume, there were three basic categories while mixing color : Tints, which is mixture of a particular color with white; Shade, mixture of a color with black; and Tone, mixture of the color with gray. Each category is distinguished only by its different level of brightness, but the mood it have is very different. It is probably basic knowledge for them who work with color each day but for me it is new knowledge. From this article I know that the category I play a lot lately is tone : mixture of a particular color with gray. A fact that give such an enlightment for me.

Gray, those that know me well know how much I like this color. I kind of use its as my primary color instead of white and black. Gray and pink, gray and orange, gray and purple, gray and black, whatever color mix with gray is never felt wrong to me. I just never realize before that not only I use it for something like my outfit, but I start to apply it to another form of my creation with color (I think about using word “art-work” but, what a shame! :D) .

Well, I am not sure what this little fact could do but it’s really pleasing to discover some pattern in my life. Consistency is one thing that I never tought would work for me.


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