Weekly Photo Challenge : Good Morning!

I am working on a new habbit since I’ve been living in my current city, a  little exercise, go jogging early morning before work to a public open space near to mine, Monas. Twice a week more or less. The outest area, surrounding the monas is a park with some block paving paths throught it which is my favourite. With the tress  along the path, it’s felt so green and dense. The track rather quite in the morning of the weekday (but not at weekend). I usually start  at 5.15 and finish at 6.00, when the sun start about to rise up. My default answer when friend ask me what is my motivation to maintain such habbit is ,”I am addict to exercise”.

To speak the truth, I am not into running that much.

I’m used to ending the session sitting in the park chair, take a break for 5 to 10  minutes just to feels the  surrounding. Hearing the birds singing , watching the colored morning sky, feeling the warm morning sunshine pouring my  skin. That session, the one that I am addict to.

I always have this thought that it is every human being primary need, to have this personal touch with the universe, so that our life get trully alive. In my personal experience, that is my alternative way to feel the existence of God. But living in a such a crowded city,work 5/7, 8 to 5, it’s so easy to forget how beauty world and life itself really is. Spend 9 hours at the big pretentious artificial building, and some other hours trapped at the jam, the vibration of the universe start to fade away I can’t even feel it sometime. I’m kind of miss it.

So I work on it. Make efforts to wake up at the morning, go out before the sun so that I can see it set up at the sky. Take some silence time to sense the surrounding. Say “hello, good morning” to the universe. And I think that effort, is worth it.

Beside, take exercise before work is really good, charge you with a lot of energy to rock the day. Give it a try!

This post is for  : weekly photo challenge : Good Morning!
Photo taken September 11st 2013 at Monas Park, Jakarta, Indonesia 

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