Weekly Photo Challenge : Saturated




This area near to the top of Papandayan mountain was an dense forest before volcano eruption in 2003 change how its look like entirely, left only bunch of dead trees. People named this area as “Hutan Mati”, or Dead Forest. Photo taken at Sep 21st, 2013 use my pocket camera, canon powershot A2200.


p.s :

My first time posting a photo for weekly photos challenge from http://dailypost.wordpress.com . Found the link to this blog from my friend’s blog, http://tigadibumi.wordpress.com/, I immediately choose to participate. I think this good to encourage me taking photos routinely (eventhough I’m just an amateur with a pocket camera,hehe), not for awards or kind of, but one way to force me commit to keep learning on one thing I like to do. In this case, taking photos.

Thanks for visiting, anyway. Any comments are more than welcomed 😀


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