The Ladies are Back on Trek!

About two years ago, an idea grew in my mind about a women edition expedition and coincidentally, near to that time one of my organisation senior , May Sari Hendrawati ,  tagged me  on her facebook note that reveal her wish about back to mountain track after absence for more than one year. (I’ve a post about this :“Ladies Expedition”) . We made it that time.Trip to the top of Mt. Gede, 2958 mdpl, Juli 2010. Not an extraordinary journey, thought. But to gather a lot women of member of our organisation from various generation in a trip, walk them back to the top of mountain after years of absence, that was feel sooo great.

End of 2012, one of the ladies propose a trip again, Mt.Kinabalu 4101 mdpl. This idea was respond enthusiastic by the ladies since we hadn’t had any trip anymore since Gede trip. Also the idea of climbing 4000 mdpl high mountain seem cool. Haha. We arranged the trip to held at June 6th 2013.

Six months is a long time to wait, a short time to prepare. I hardly wait this time to come before, but now that we already step at june, I’m not ready yet. I couldn’t manage time to exercise lately, Bad me. And the trip already 3 days ahead!huwoooh.

But that’s not a thing for sure. My enthusism is still as much as the first time. Though,  I have to  maximize rest of the time to train my endurance so that I won’t run out of breath at the trek.

Well, can’t wait to see the ladies thursday. See you at airport!


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