Random Photograph


An always scenery on my morning jogging’s track.
Unfortunately cloudy, but still quite beautiful.
It way more beautiful in a bright day. I’ll get one for you later.
Actually, this city isn’t that bad.
Its still have a lot of interesting things, if we willing to try to look from different side of view.

P.S :

Bad news. 

Bad thing happened to my notebook, Old age! And it can’t be used anymore.ihiks. Well, actually it’s not a new-s anymore, since it happened almost two months ago. And since my saving isn’t enough yet to buy a new one , I need to borrow my sister’s super-slow-performance-netbook. It can’t be installed even one light software anymore!Rrrrrr.

My concern is, I need photoshop to edit my amateur photographs made by my amateur camera so as that photograph not look way too “amateur”.  Well, I have a good PC in my office, but its’ control is restricted by office admin

My solution for now is to use portable light room. But I haven’t got used yet with its, it didn’t help much for my photographs. It’s make me lazy to playing around with my amateur camera, cany.(I’m so so sorrryyy cany).

So, I have two choice now : to reduce my expenses so I can save more to buy a new notebook as soon as, or making time to explore Lightroom.Well…May be I’ll try to make both.For the sake of cany.


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