Give me your one minute please,please,please :)

I’ve just registered for a blog contest named The Big Blog Exchange, held by Hostelling International.  It is a blog contest for blogger who like to exchange lives, blog, cultures, and places with other people from all around the world. The lucky 16 contestants will have the opportunity to live and learn in a different place (revealed later), immersing themselves in local culture whilst blogging on their exchange partners blog for 10 days.

To live in another places for a while, learn about their cultures, their lives, their society whilst acquainting my cultures and my society to them, told those people about how beauty and unique my country is, is a very very very exciting thing for me. I am seeking for that opportunity.

You can help me just with four step above :

  1. Click on the banner below. (It will direct you to my profile page).
  2. Click “vote” button over there
  3. Submit your mail address
  4. One mail will be sent to your mail to confirm your vote. Just one more click on the  link listed.

And done! No more than one minute.

So. would you give me one minute of yours to vote me on the big blog exchange website please,please,please? 🙂

Kiss. :*




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