Some people have a born gift as The Name Crusher,  a guy who always find a way to change somebody’s beautiful name into some funny and laughable name and make everybody call that guy in that laughable name. While some people, have name that have potency to always be crushed. I’m the second guy.

Everytime I enter new environment, I always introduce my self with my real full name, “Maria Ulfa”, I always asked to be called “Ulfa”. But then, these name crusher, always find a way to crush my name.

I’ve got name “Paul” when I was in junior high school, and then “Cupeng” and “Upe” from my senior high school’s friend. In college time, people called me “Maul”, and “M.U”. And then, I haven’t 2 months yet in this new life, somebody already got a name for me, “Mario”. Zzzzzz.


What is wrong with “Ulfa”? I don’t thinks that’s a hard name to be spelled.


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