Excessive Possession

I had been packing my thing, and all this sentimental feeling caught me. I had to filter which things I’ll bring and which things I won’t bring. But it’s not about that. I did’t mind left my clothes, gowns, shoes, or bags which I didn’t really use. But there were also stuffs,  personal stuffs, things . Some stuffs that have some good memories in it I don’t want to loose that I keep them : Photos, souvenirs, presents, some other things. That why it’s more than just packing things,  it’s also about packing 5 years memories of my life into a luggage and a box.And I had to work hard on it.Because I really couldn’t bring all those stuff with me. Simply because I don’t have my own place to keep  the things, and my mobility make it impossible for me to bring all those stuffs with me. Several stuffs have to be left.

Yet,stuffs are only an object, somehow they will be vanish. Just a matter of time. They might be the reflection for some memories of our life, but the memories it self are actually stored in our mind. And I think, if I really love those memories, I don’t need to keep stuffs just to remind me of them. So,I think it’s ok to skip the stuffs.Furthermore, if I keep doin that, keep every stuff that represent some memories of  my life, I won’t have enough space years ahead, unless I have my own place. And since I one who haven’t have settle place yet, and mobile extremely, I think it better to give thing that I don’t really use to people who really need its. Sentimental won’t help.

Excessive possession isn’t a good thing. Never tied your self up into things that could be vanished.


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