Why trekking?

I just had had this short conversation with a friend in twitter, bhara, and I was in my way, trekked to Ranu Kumbolo in the next weekend , with him and our friend Aini. People lilkely name it impulsive.

We arrived in the evening, the fog just down and nothing can be seen, so we built our tent, cooked, and then chose to just stay in the tent. Read together a book, “Buku Pintar”, which Bhara had bought in the train only 5k IDR from “pedagang kereta”. So after five hours trekking, all that we got was the knowledge about what kodhesi or adhesi is.And what is the deepest or the longest lake in the world. Such thing like that. Great.

And then, the night came.I knew that it was summer and the night air would be so frozen but I never thought that it would be that FROZEN. I couldn’t sleep. Chilled , even the sleepingbag couldn’t help. Stay woke all night looking at my watch, over and over, thought that the pointer had no move even for a tick.

I kept looking at the two guys beside me, and thought ,”how come they sleep that easy in this frozen damn air?”
I changed my sleep position countless times. And then I gave up, whispered to aini, that sleep right beside me.
Me : “ssss..Ai..ai..aiii”
Aini : “yeah..?”
Me : “You can sleep..?”
Aini : “ You think?”
Me : “ Thanks goodness, I Think I’m the only one that can’t go sleep”
And then another sound responded. Bhara. He slept in the other side of tent.
Bhara : “If you use sleepingbag can’t sleep, how can I use nothing can sleep?”
Me : “I don’t know, some people just have a miracle skill to sleep no matter how extreme the condition is”
Aini : “What time is it?”
Me : “12.30, damn, It’s still midnight”
Yes, that was still 4-5 hours before the sun rises and we couldn’t slept at all. Somehow we wondered that morning wouldn’t came.
Me : “Why we do this?”
Bhara : “What?”
Me : “ To trekking for hours, make our self tired, just to sleep in a tent, and then can’t sleep in the night because the air to damn frozen to breath”
We laughed. None of us had the answer that night. Why we did such thing without reason. Perhaps, the frozen air just frozen our brain that we couldn’t think. Finally we got slept, almost morning. I woke in the morning, then.It 5 am. But I seen that its already bright out there.
This what I first saw that morning :
And here the view after a couple minutes and sun rose,
 oh.MYGODNESS. Such a feeling came into my mind. I was feeling like cry.
This kind of view doesn’t appear every morning in front of you.
And then Aini asked me,
” So now, you,  get why we do this ?”
And then me answer,
“Yes, I do”

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