Lifetime Learner

There are a new comer in my evening class. He, so, a male.

Not a type that would make me take a glance when I pass him in the street, or keep watching when I suddenly find him in front of my table in a cafe, or make me melting, even he did the sweetest thing ever happen in my life.But then, I met him in a class, and then I found that I’m so attracted and interested to him.

Let me tell you, because he is 52 years old.

Don’t take me wrong, please. I’m totally normal, the oldest male that I’ve get distracted ever is only 5 years older than me.

It’s just not common, to see people his age in a class along with a bunch of young man and young lady. Except, he is the teacher one. So I keep wondering all timeclass, how he can manage his spirit to learning. He told us that he is going to retired next year, and he want to start being enterpreneur after that, and thing that he need to make better his english as a lifeskill.

I got slapped. Today I miss two class,just because something ruin my mood.He is the one that got all reason to sleep all day. Not me. I’ve just seen a true lifetime learner. Kind of inspirational people.

I hope I could keep a spirit like that, no matter number that keep added in my age.Amin.


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