Nothing (not) Gonna Change in Your Life

I was a good kid. In common.My definition : I never got trapped in serious teenager problem, I obey my parents rules , following every guidelines they made. I was always asking when I want to do something, whether I was allowed to do that or not.

But since times keep running, I am growing older. And there came times, that I have to decided everything about me by myself.  And here came an awareness inside me that I’m the one that really know what I want, what I need for my self. Furthermore, I’m the one that responsible for my life. Unfortunately, my parents aren’t moderat people, they are “we-are-the-only-one-that-know-exactly-right-things-for-you”-parents type.

And that was the beginning of changing in my relationship with my parents.

When I was a younger lady, when my parents didn’t stand in the same line with me,  I would did rebellion. I insisted. Don’t care if that made my parents angry, or worst, sad.

But then, I’m growing more older, of course. I know that what I did before is false, to make controversy with parents isn’t a good thing. I still insisted that I know the best for my self, but I change the way I communicate my willingness with my parents, if I need to, I’ll do deception, obscure the information that I don’t have to get in a fight with my parents that not really necessary. I don’t know whether its right or not, but for now, it’s the best way for me.

The interesting thing is : I’m not the only one that get trap in this kind of problem. Some of my friends have the same problem. And what suprise me is, I found my older sister and my older brother use the similar strategic with me.

Something came out in my mind then : Is this just a common life process? That somehow, your relationship with your parents will change due to the age changing of all participants? I wondering. I really don’t wanna to be a faithless children, but to be an independence human is also needed, isn’t it?

I’d love to be told any different perspective.

ps :

*Dear Mummy Daddy, you know I love you all my heart.


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