Irritating watermark

I’ve ever got this topic in one of my course in my first year of college : Hak Kekayaan Intelektual Manusia (HaKI)/Intellectual Property (IPR). In simple word, it’s about how to respect somebody work, avoid plagiarism attempt, and related thing, by making official regulation.Paten law or copyright is one example of that. But it’s taking a long time to deal with it. So, people try to invent an unofficial copyright, such a stamp in their work in order to make people recognize their work. For example ,in photography world, people use watermark.

Nah, since few years ago I’ve got a very big interest with photography. Don’t be false alarmed, please , I’m just amateur, the only place that accept my work is my social media account and my blog. :D.

Accidentally, I live in digital area where plagiarism is everywhere and people have a very high awareness to protect their work from plagiarism. Even the amateur one protect their own. People suggest me to put watermark in my photo. The problem is, I really don’t like that mark appearance in my photo.

I’ve try to put watermark in my photo once, it’s not work for me. I found its irritating. But of course, I don’t want mine to be plagiated. To hope plagiarism got destroyed from surface of the earth even seem impossible.


What’s more important you think? To protect your baby, or to fulfill your satisfaction feeling?


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