Roti Gempol Bandung

I must be so plebeian, or else, less-exploring. I have been living in Bandung for five years and I just know this place today.


I believe naming of this place came from the fact that it has been located in Jalan Gempol 14 (near to Jalan Trunojoyo). And as a matter of fact, it has been there since 1958, wew. At a glance it’s look like a caffee while it’s not, it’s only a bakery shop, a rectangular small room with a bench and a few small round table. Decorated with several  javanese wood carving.

The special menu of this place of course is breath (ROTI) it self. They make two kind of bread, Roti Putih (the one that what we usually have here in Indonesia) and “Roti Gandum” (whole wheat bread) .There were a few variation of it. Oh, and they also serve beverage , coffee or tea.

 terriby starving, almost forget to capture the picture :))

What make special, that bread in this place is “fresh from the oven”. People say that in past, aroma of the bread smelled along the gempol street. (Oh.I can imagine it.hmmmmm). And when I muonch the bread, I said that the prestige of the bread made of this place is truly true.Truly truly truly truly delicious.

Literally “fresh from the oven”

Another nice thing from this place is the neighbourhood. Jalan Gempol is a street in an old residential of bandung, in the past, this place was inhabited and built by hollander, so the architecture of most of the home in this area is typical of dutch-home architecture.So classic.The neighbourhood is also clean and peaceful, whereas it located in the middle of city.

Suddenly I remember eke, my dutch friend. Once, she complained to me that most of Indonesia bread taste so weird, so different from the bread from her country. I should have brought her here if i knew this place before . I believe she would change her mind about Indonesia bread, not all-weird 😀



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