Ruin Diet in Sugarrush

“Eats Meet Sweets”.

This Tagline is written down in one wallside of Sugarrush Cafe . Obviously,  you have to think twice before go here if you work hard with you diet. Because most of menu offered here is contain so so soooo much sugar.Or else, Fat. Appearantly could lead you to Sugar rush. Like these manggo cheese cake and almond coffe I ordered. Eat today, Diet Tomorrow.Hihihi. 😀

Sugarrush located on Braga Street 83, beside Camal Store. First thing I noticed was the unique interior decoration. They even decorated the rest room, haha. Second, the waitress, all warm! And then, ultimately, the Food.:D



My favorite spot is front table near to rectangular window, where we could look out to the street. Lucky you, if you get that table in rainy time. Totally romantic, and classic. Felt like you trapped somewhen in the past. :). But since this place get so many fans in short time, maybe you will have to be in waiting list for a moment before you get table especially in weekend.
Broke your diet once, this really worth a try, believeeee me


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