Nature-way of communication

Communication is about connecting two or more people in order to get each other understanding.Somebody transmites signals to others,another side  receives and then process those signals, process it, make an interference, and send back appropriate responses.This sign can be transferred much ways : voice, script, image. Communication is basic need of human, since the day of yore, people exploring new method, new way to make communication easier.And thanks to technology, boundaries no longer be a problem to conduct communication.Although, we’ve never done it, talk to people in moon isn’t something strange idea for us.We know that people do it.

But then even though human invant such geourgous modern inovative communication tools, why on earth it’s look like we have much communication problem than our forebear had been experiencing?

I use to taught that everymatter in our world come from unbalancing.That the best way to do something is nature-way. The other, are aid tool.

Our nature-way to communication, is face-to-face communication.But since there were so many innovation human made in order to make communication, we forgot our basic nature-way, things that have been teached from generation to generation.We use the tools intensely.We forgot the essences.When problem with communication come up, we don’t know, we found it so hard to solved.Here comes the generation who avoid oral-direct communication.

I guess “back to nature” have many ways to interpreted.


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