Short biography of Mahatma Gandhi

One of the most influential leader in the world is Mohandas karamchand gandhi, well-known as mahatma gandhi. He both politican and religious figure. He was the preeminent leader that lead india to it’s liberty at 1947. He had got many reason to be admired.He was a humble, calm, and unshakable consistent persont.He also a revolutional person.

Instead using radical way to achieve his goal, he developed a non-violent method for conflict resolution. Nowaday, People use to call it “Gandhism”, and had been proven to solve many national conflict in his life time.

One of his famous action as implementation of his non-violent method called Satyagraha.This action was being set to protes salt-trade monopoly by english government in Indian He had imprisoned for this action but that couldn’t stop the action spreads.So he had set free by colonial government to stop this action with agreement that a conference would set up to discuss about indian’s independence

He also a foremost religious and nationalist figure. As a deducation to indian culture, he wore indian’s traditional cloths, dhoti and shawl which had been made himself.He practiced hinduism strictly. He was a pure vegetarian and he undertook long fasts. But, even he was a  hindus, He stood on neutral area about religioun.He respected another religioun very well. Unfortanately, this principal of him made him assacinated by a fanatic hindus who thought he stood at muslim side in indian-muslim conflict that occurred  in the pakistan-indian border area.

For highlight, he wasn’t a theorotical , but pragmatism person. He was practicing his principle in real time which inspire much people to do the same as his. For all of what he had done in his life, he is worthy of being called as world leader who made important real contribution to make world a better place to live in.

Source :


“gandhi and nonviolence” , article by B.R Nada


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