How to develop a learning system?

My final project is about developing interactif e-learning for kids.Actually, It’s not too difficult topic at my major.I just need to learn a fit reliable language programming to build my e-learning, mix it with some multimedia technology.

But, before build my e-learning. I’ve to know all theories about learning system design,all theories that linked with this topic such as psycholoical tehories behind learning, children pyschology, reability of a learning system , kind of learning, etc.

Bad, i’m tottally blank about all of those thing.i’ve been googling it but haven’t  found complete and linked reference with thing that i need. Or else, i’m not too sure about thing that i need.

I need someone that have experienced about learning system design and children psychology.

Can you help me please?:D
*imbalannya pahala akhirat lohhh,hihi


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